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2012 ASRAS MEMBERS HOLIDAY GALA at the Strasenburgh Planetarium

Whats the best way to cap off a wonderful yerar of ASRAS activities ?
Why the annual ASRAS holiday gala of course !
Each year ASRAS members get to take over one of our favorite places in Rochester for the evening at the Strasenburgh Planetarium.
This year was no exception - never let it be said that ASRAS members dont know how to throw a holiday party !
We had several tables loaded with all kinds of delectible holiday treats.
We also had a great presentation from the Young astronomers who displayed some very interesting and welll thought out topics in astronomy :

This year we gave special thanks to a couple of "behind the scenes" special contributers - Gail Smith and Dee Sharples.
Thanks girls for all the hard work you do to make ASRAS so much more enjoyable !

This years ASTRONOMER OF THE YEAR award was presented to Proffessor Mike Richmond. Mike personifies making astronomy and physics fun, enjoyable, and down to earth so the rest of us can understand "almost" as well as he does !

Mike joins the ranks of many past winners :

And as aways, many thanks to our gracious host at the Stras - Steve Fentress !